Music therapy (singing, Gong, singing bowls and Didgeridoo)

A moment of peace, where body and mind explore, synchronise and reset.

I created my own method: Yidakigong

“Each atom is constantly singing a song, and this note creates forms of greater or lesser material density at every moment.”

Yidakigong brings a soothing and beneficial influence, using instruments from ancient cultures such as the gong, didgeridoo, singing bowls, etc.

Being very close to silence, this music leads participants to their own inner centre. The instruments help them to reconnect with their intuition, so that they are not separated from the music but merge with it, integrating their bodies into a perfect symbiosis. Participants don’t stop at the sounds, but let themselves be carried away by the vibrations that help them discover the music of their inner silence.

The instruments produce powerful vibrations of their own, in the same way that everything vibrates in nature, minerals and human beings too.
Water is the ideal vehicle for these vibrations.
This is precisely why they move so easily through the human body, which is over 80% water.
The result is a subtle massage of every cell in the body. Calming and soothing.

A healthy body produces good vibrations, which a sick body that is out of balance cannot do… The sounds produced by the gong evoke memories of pure harmony and offer the patient the ability to reconnect with those spaces within him where the vibrations have remained intact and pure. A gentle way to achieve rest and healing.

Yidakigong is for anyone seeking peace and harmony. It is therefore suitable for all age groups and all levels of mental and functional development.

Vibrations create balance; they resonate and transform.
Vibrations are primordial, representing the transition from the still to the moving, the action-reaction.

“The aim is to plant seeds so that the body can reset itself, and then be ‘watered’ from time to time…”.

Building and renovating with ecological material

Back in the days, all materials to build a house were found nearby. 
I want to hold on to this tradition. It’s a great challenge to renovate in the old fashion way, with local materials.

The use of clay was a revelation to me. It does not only plaster, but it insulates, cleans the air, and keeps insects away. 
And clay,  you’ll find everywhere, and it’s free.
The composition of clay is something you learn by looking, feeling, and working with it.

At La Boutique Naturelle, we share these old building techniques.